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The Faculty Member’s Guide to Career Success Through Mentoring provides strategies for achieving success in academia by gaining adequate and appropriate mentoring. Expecting that you can get all the help you need from a single source is unrealistic. This guide will show you how to deploy a networking model to find an array of mentors who can supply help and advice in the areas where you need it. This guide explores  how to establish and refine your goals, find and choose appropriate mentors, and cultivate and evaluate your mentoring relationships.

Council of Advisors

The Council of Advisors is a group of experienced faculty members who have volunteered to provide career advising to assistant professors in the regular rank and in-residence series. The Council is made up of former members of the Academic Senate Council on Academic Personnel (CAP), as well as Full Professors. Members represent all areas of the campus, including the School of Medicine. This Council provides both breadth and depth in terms of understanding what is required to advance through the faculty ranks at UCLA.

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