Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The workload for Unit 18 Lecturers teaching in courses taught through the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EE BIOL subject area) is 6 courses, with no more than 2 courses for 100% time allowable in any one academic quarter.

All courses are counted as one (1) course with the following exceptions. One course is compensated at 50% pay for the quarter.


Courses with two (2) or fewer units are counted as one-half course each. Half courses are compensated at 25% pay for the quarter.

Courses taught together as half of a 16-unit Field Biology Quarter (FBQ), Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ), or Field and Marine Biology Quarter (FMBQ), will be compensated at 100% for the quarter.  These courses may be taught either as one (1) 8-unit course, or two (2) 4-unit courses.

Effective Spring 2014