For lecturers teaching a full academic year (3 quarters)

7 courses per year = 100% for the academic year

 For lecturers teaching one quarter only:

2 courses in the given quarter = 100% for that quarter

 For lecturers teaching two full quarters:

5 courses over the two quarters = 100% for each of the two quarters


At the department's discretion, and with the chair's prior approval, a course release may be provided in return for the following duties:

  • Service as TA Coordinator. This includes participation in course planning and assignments, advising, course development, course revision, teaching coordination, and other duties and/or supervision which includes observation, evaluation, and mentoring of graduate student teaching assistants and may equal up to 1 course per quarter.
  •  Service as Undergraduate Faculty Mentor. The Faculty Mentor provides undergraduate students with academic advising and mentoring, and serves as the faculty advisor to Sigma Tau Delta, for 1 course release per year.
  • Accepting students in independent study courses, such as 197, 199, et cetera, as well as formally advising or mentoring students, including honors work, training TAs, thesis or dissertation advising. Lecturers who wish to accept students in this capacity must obtain the chair's prior approval before accepting students. The chair's approval will authorize the lecturer to accept up to 20 students in a year for the equivalent of 1 course release.
  • Overseeing the Westwind Journal, UCLA's journal of literary arts. Oversight involves being listed as the instructor of record for the 2-unit English 192 course (Undergraduate Practicum in English) during each of the three quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) of the academic year. This 2-unit course is specifically designed to facilitate the supervision of the Westwind's student staff, and the department will provide 1 course release to the instructor during the same academic year.




Revised and approved by English Department Executive Committee: May 2, 2014