One full-time course is 4.0 units per quarter = 33%

One half-time course 2.0 units per quarter = 17%

9 courses per year = 100% for the year

1 PIC course is 1.5 courses per quarter = 50% per quarter

Math 71SL = .5 course or 17% in a given quarter

Math 72SL = .5 course or 17% in a given quarter

Math 103A = .5 course or 17% in a given quarter

Math 103B = .5 course or 17% in a given quarter

Math 103C = .5 course or 17% in a given quarter

For appointees employed for the full academic year (3 quarters), participation in course planning and advising = 1 course per quarter

Participation in graduate programs, dissertation committees and research seminars = 0.5 course per quarter

Direction of pre-calculus program, supervision of pre-calculus teaching assistants, and lower-division student advising over 3 quarters = 2.5 courses per year

Facilitate, monitor, and coordinate the courses Math 31ABC, Math 2 and Math 3 = 1 course per year

Responsible for use of the Mathematics Diagnostic Test by the Department; for enrollment in basic calculus courses. This includes responsibility for studies of the relation between performance of students on the tests and subsequent performance in calculus courses. = 0.5 course per year

Responsible for the supervision and functioning of the Student Mathematics Center = 0.5 course per year

Responsible for maintenance of the academic areas of the undergraduate web site, including undergraduate course descriptions and syllabi. Provide materials on the web for undergraduate courses, such as sample exams with solutions. = 0.5 courses per year

Oversee the research programs for undergraduate students= 0.5 course per year

Develop and teach two 2-week programs along the lines of PRISM but geared towards Math 115A and Math 131A = 1.0 course per year

Instruct TAs in teaching techniques = 1.5 courses per year

Assist new PhDs who are having difficulties with their teaching duties = 1 course per year

Supervising departmental efforts to promote the progress of those majors who have excellent academic records = 1.5 courses per year


Effect: Fall 2017