Physiological Science


The workload for Unit 18 Lecturers teaching in courses taught through the department of Physiological Science (PHYS SCI subject area) is 6 courses, with no more than 2 courses for 100% time allowable in any one academic quarter.

All courses are counted as one (1) course with the following exceptions. One course is compensated at 50% pay for the quarter.

I) Course 111L counts as one-third of a course per lab section taught. Each section is compensated at 16.67% pay for the quarter.
2) Courses with two (2) or fewer units are counted as one-half course each. Half courses are compensated at 25% pay for the quarter.
3) Significant course revision or course development during the academic year can equal up to .85 course per quarter.


Fall 2008



The workload for Unit 18 Lecturers teaching courses in the undergraduate interdepartmental Program in Neuroscience (NS subject area) is:

6 courses per year = 100% for the year
2 courses per quarter = 100% for the quarter


Effective: Fall 2017