Appendix 29: Non-Senate Emeritus Conferrals

I. Criteria (APM 120-10)

An appointee or administrative officer who holds an academic position at the time of retirement and who is not a member of the Academic Senate may be nominated for conferral of the Emeritus title suffix. In these cases, the nominee shall be judged by the following criteria:

  1. at least ten years of University service;
  2. attainment of the highest rank in the individual’s title; and
  3. evidence of noteworthy and meritorious contributions to the educational mission and programs of the University.

II. Authority

The title suffix Emeritus attached to the title of the individual at retirement may be conferred by the Chancellor after consultation with the Academic Senate.

III. Procedures

  1. A recommendation for Emeritus status shall be made to the Chancellor by the Chair of the department of the retiree. The recommendation, which should normally be made shortly before the date of retirement, shall be accompanied by a brief history of the individual’s University employment and how the criteria set forth above have been fulfilled. The date of retirement shall be indicated in each case.
  2. An endorsement from the Dean shall also accompany the request.
  3. A minimum of three letters of recommendation attesting to the meritorious contribution of the individual are to be included.
  4. An up-to-date C.V.
  5. Submit the request with supporting documentation to the Academic Personnel Office.
  6. The Committee on University Emeriti & Pre-Retirement Relations Committee will review, vote, and make a recommendation to the Chancellor regarding the request for Emeritus status.